Test Engineering

Test Engineering

From programming microcontrollers to AC/DC bench testing, DS Electronics can test it all. After manufacturing your product, we will make sure that it functions exactly as it should. With our extensive knowledge and equipment, we are equipped to perform the majority of testing and validation that your product may require.

We Work With You to Evaluate Your Product

At DS Electronics, our test engineering department has a wide array of testing equipment that enables us to properly evaluate your product design according to your specifications. Our team of test engineers can also find, identify, and solve faults in your product.

Developing Test Requirements

We will work with you to develop your testing requirements and to calculate what would constitute your product passing or failing a test. We closely adhere to any guidelines you provide for determining whether your product functions exactly as it was designed to and if it performs well. Because we have the equipment, experience, and team necessary to administer a variety of tests, our services can save you both valuable time and money.

Preventing Product Malfunctions

A product that malfunctions or under performs out in the field can be extremely costly. We aim to help you protect your budget and your reputation by thoroughly testing your product. Our team of experienced test engineers will use the necessary test data to identify and address any faults or defects in your design to prevent future malfunctions. We also have high-end machines and certified inspectors conduct inspections of your product after assembly. When your product passes testing and inspection, you can be confident that you have a reliable product that performs to your exact specifications.


DS Electronics in Gilbert, AZ has over 30 years of experience in PCB assembly and electronic contract manufacturing. We are involved in every step of the design and manufacturing process, including test engineering. We can test any product according to your guidelines and will work with you to ensure your product meets your expectations. Schedule a tour of our facility or call 480-967-5080 today and request a quote regarding test engineering.