High-Volume Production

High-Volume Production

At DS Electronics, we are equipped with six independent SMT lines, multiple reflow ovens, and a large management team that boasts extensive experience in engineering. With all of these assets, we can keep your product moving efficiently throughout production and deliver your product faster, no matter how complex the design. The ability to quickly deliver products enables us to handle a high throughput of circuit boards with various design complexities.

Our Production Capabilities Grow With You

Thanks to our wide selection of equipment and our ability to optimize the process flow of each product, we can meet all of our customers’ demands at DS Electronics. We understand that your needs will grow over time as you experience success from your products. We can consistently meet your expectations with our continuous investment in new equipment and capabilities for our facility that optimize assembling, testing, and packaging your product.

We have an abundance of space in our facility to manufacture your product so that we can steadily keep up with and support your demands as your needs grow. Our current production schedule consistently produces over 100,000 boards per month with plenty of room to expand our production capabilities.

We Value Quality Assurance for All Quantities

When you receive a shipment, you can rest assured that each product has been built to the highest standards. Quality assurance is extremely important to us regardless of production volume. Thanks to our premium inspection equipment, you can always expect to receive a high-quality product.

We Guarantee On-Time Delivery of Your Products

DS Electronics is equipped with the means to deliver on your production needs exactly when you need them. Thanks to our trusted parts brokers around the world, we can find the parts you need without delay. Our ERP system allows the management team to regularly track the progression of your product throughout the entire build process. We can quickly note how many boards have gone through a certain stage during production at any given time.

Tracking product progression permits our team to efficiently manage production workloads across all workstations. Additionally, it makes any issues with the workflow easily detectable and preventable to ensure a smooth manufacturing process.


DS Electronics is a second-generation family-owned and operated company in Gilbert, AZ. We are committed to delivering your high-quality products on time. Our ability to produce at a high volume on schedule has made us a leader in PCB assembly and electronic contract manufacturing services since the 1990s. Call us today to discuss your production needs.