Industries We Serve

Industries We Serve

At DS Electronics, we make significant investments in our staff, equipment, and relationships with our suppliers in order to satisfy all of our customers’ needs. We manufacture a variety of premium products for LED lighting, semiconductor manufacturers, industrial electronics, and automotive market applications.

LED Lighting

With 15 years of processing dense circuit boards under our belts, we have a high level of understanding when it comes to LED lighting. We are well experienced in thermally profiling PCBs for proper heat dissipation to ensure exceptional post-solder performance.

DS Electronics is flexible and can offer different design solutions based on your product’s needs—from aluminum or copper PCBs to traditional FR-4. Examples of our LED lighting applications include:

  • Aftermarket off-road lighting
  • OEM vehicle lighting for Ford, Toyota, and GM
  • High power mountain bike and street bike lighting
  • Safety street signage such as solar stop signs and pedestrian signs


The majority of our management team began their careers working in the semiconductor industry. Over the years we’ve continued to support new product development and existing product lines for many of the major global semiconductor companies. We manage a wide range of applications including:

  • Product evaluation boards
  • Hi-Rel test boards
  • Burn-in boards
  • Characterization snap out/edge cards

Industrial Electronics

We consistently deliver high-quality products so that our customers can confidently rely on us when it comes to critical applications. We help customers in the medical, industrial, bar inventory, and automotive fields receive reliable premium products. We have vast experience in applications such as:

  • 911 first responder fire systems
  • Heavy machinery joystick controllers
  • Smart RV awnings
  • Alcohol tilt sensors for calculating pour cost


The automotive industry requires durable long-lasting parts in order to deliver safe and reliable vehicles. We help our automotive customers achieve this goal by providing them with various products that are dependable and built to last. We manufacture products for a variety of applications, such as:

  • Various OEM and aftermarket vehicle lighting
  • Auto diagnostic toolkits for engine light errors, car computer programming, and more
  • Various products integrated into electric vehicles


As a leader in PCB assembly and electronic contract manufacturing services for over 30 years, DS Electronics is able to help customers in a variety of industries. We are a second-generation family-owned and operated company in Gilbert, AZ with an extensive supply chain and customers all around the world. Call 480-967-5080 today or schedule a tour to find out more about our manufacturing capabilities.