Box Build Assembly of Final Product

Box Build Assembly of Final Product

DS Electronics can take care of the entire process of assembling, testing, and packaging your final product for you. Aside from integrating the assembled and tested PCBs, we can also package other necessary elements of your end product. This includes, but is not limited to, custom labels and serializations, printed documentation, and USB cables. We also offer electro-mechanical assembly, conformal coating, and functional testing to fortify your final product and make sure it functions perfectly.

We Expertly Build Your Final Product for You

Manufacturing reliable, high-quality products for our customers is extremely important to us. When we begin the box-building process for your final product, we carefully lay out each process step in an assembly line for optimal efficiency. The box build process includes:

Housing Integration

DS Electronics takes your completed PCBs and installs them into the right housing for your end product design. We manufacture circuit boards of varying complexities for a variety of industries including LED lighting, industrial electronics, automotive, and semiconductor manufacturers. With our 30 years of experience in the industry, we can easily integrate your circuit boards into various end-product designs.

Component Installation

When we house your PCB, we will make sure to connect all of the necessary components in your final product. That includes installing batteries, optics, switches, gaskets, and anything else your PCB requires for your end product to be fully functional. Before we package your product, we will make sure that everything is working properly so that your final product meets your specifications.

Product Packaging

When packaging your end product, we can custom label and serialize each finished product as desired. You will receive a final product that is completely packaged with all of the cables and documentation required to ensure you don’t have to do any further packaging or assembly yourself.


Let DS Electronics simplify the manufacturing process for you. As a leader in PCB assembly and electronic contract manufacturing services since the 1990s, we know how to quickly and efficiently deliver a finished product. We’ll work with you every step of the way so you can be confident in your end product. Call 480-967-5080 today to discuss your PCB manufacturing and production needs.