Manufacturing Capabilities

New Product Development

At DS Electronics, we turn your innovative ideas and designs into high-quality products. Come to us at any point in the design or development process for a new product, and we will work with you to complete your project. We can build your custom product exactly to your specifications, or enhance and package an existing final product that you bring to us.

We Help You Every Step of the Way to Your Final Product

You don’t need to have an engineering background if you want to benefit from our services. The majority of our management team at DS Electronics has extensive experience in engineering to draw from. We will help you complete any and every stage of your product development, from initial design to testing to final product packaging.

Coming Up with a Design

When you come to us with an idea, DS Electronics will turn it into a high-quality product. Whether you are in the early Don’t be intimidated to come to us when you only have an idea and nothing else for a new product that you would like to develop. We do not require you to have the perfect design ready, or any design at all. We will help you start the development process by referring you to one of our trusted local engineering design firms. They will work with you to come up with a manufacturable design that perfectly fits your vision. Once your design is ready, we’ll get started on manufacturing your custom product to your specifications.of a few adjustments, our team of engineers will work with you each step of the way to completing your project.

Creating a Prototype

If you do have a design that is ready for production, we can start turning it into reliable prototypes and final products. First, we must ensure that your design is functional and manufacturable by conducting a DFM review. We will assess the product design, necessary materials, and your specifications for the speed and volume of manufacturing both the prototypes and final products to ensure feasible manufacturability.

Testing Your Design

We also have CAM/CAD engineering available that will thoroughly review all of your design files to make sure there aren’t any issues and that manufacturing your product design is possible. If your design is not manufacturable, we will not only determine the problem but also offer the solution.

Enhancing Your Product

DS Electronics can also help enhance your already mature prototypes or products. We will take a look at your product and optimize your design with manufacturability in mind. We can also reduce layers or change the materials in your design to help you save money during the manufacturing process. It can end up costing you a lot of money down the line if you choose expensive materials, if your design interrupts the manufacturing process, or if it prohibits high-volume production.


Electronics in Gilbert, AZ help you reach your goal. We are a leader in PCB assembly and electronic contract manufacturing, with over 30 years of experience in the industry. Schedule a tour of our facility to learn about our manufacturing process for developing a new product.